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Casa Morán, Valle La Fuente La Robellada, Onis, Asturias


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Casa Morán Valle La Fuente is located on a hill with unparalleled views of Güeña Valley and the town of La Robellada in the municipality of Onis, situated in the north Spanish region of Asturias.


The house is in close proximity to a main tourist area featuring Picos de Europa National Park and the most ancient European Sanctuary devoted to the Virgin of Covadonga. (The European Sanctuary is the site where the famous battle between Christians and Muslims took place in 711.) You will discover Covadonga Lakes, the most famous landscape in the North of Spain; the historical villages of Cangas de Onis, Arenas de Cabrales, Potes or places like Fuente De cable railway; Santo Toribio de Liebana where a piece of the Sacred Cross is placed; or traditional fishing villages like Llanes and Ribadesella. Of course, you can discover beautiful beaches where you can bask in the sun all day long.


All of these sites are located within less than a half-hour drive by car. Casa Morán Valle La Fuente is a home with a high architectonic value and is listed in the Asturian Patrimonial Cultural Heritage Inventory. The house is positioned in the center of a huge country estate surrounded by a stone wall, where you will discover absolute privacy.




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